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J. C. Higginbotham Staff Photo

Coming Attractions 

Since we can not start our Performance Assessment project until December 3, we will be watching the video series "The Men Who Built America" starting Tuesday and carrying through the week after Thanksgiving.  This will give you background knowledge that will help you understand the unit, and complete the project successfully.

Big news- I have put the One Note notebook that contains all of my teaching materials on this web page.  I am doing this to make sure that you have access to everything you need to be successful in my class.

It is under Links and is called USII One Note.

Placement Academy all materials for students is in the One Note.  It is set as public so you can access it by logging on to Office 365.  We are wrapping up Unit 4 and starting Unit 5 this week.

I will again be using the Remind App to communicate with parents and students.  Here are the ways you can sign up:

Text Messages: Enter This Number 81010 and text the following @788c2e

Email Messages:

Internet Link:

Other Information

We will be using Quizlet flashcards all year.  These can also be found on Schoology.  You can also join my class in Quizlet using the link below.  (If you are part of the class you will be able to compete against your classmates on the games.)

Remember to bring your workbook to class every day.  It is your responsibility to keep up with them.

I have USII study guides for each unit.  They can be found on the File Manager page.

You can find things that will help you to be successful on the Links tab.  You will find links to SOLPass, the textbook and websites where you can play games to review.