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Kaitlin Haywood Staff Photo

Class Schedule  


Under the "Lesson Plans" tab you will find my lesson plans for each 6 weeks. I focus on a functional curriculum with a heavy emphasis on life skills. Each 6 weeks begins a new unit and they are uploaded 1-6 for each 6 weeks. I have also attached a list of Virginia Alternate Assessment Program goals and ASOL's that most of my students will participate in. Below I have listed my class schedule. If you have any questions please contact me at


1st period (8:00-8:51)

SPED Self-Contained

2nd period (8:55-9:41)

SPED Self-Contained

3rd period (9:45-10:31)

SPED Self-Contained

4th period (10:35-11:21)


LUNCH 11:25-11:55

5th period (11:59-12:45)

SPED Self-Contained Functional Curriculum 

6th period (12:49-1:35)

SPED Self-Contained 

7th period (1:39-2:25)

SPED Self-Contained 

8th period (2:29-3:10)

SPED Self-Contained 

Announcements (3:10-3:13)