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Track and Field

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 Track 2018

Boys Coach: Wayne Cochran

Girls Coach: Sarah Surber


Practices: Starts Monday March 5th!

Monday through Thursday 3:30-5:00. NO Practice if there is NO school. 

     There will be a cut on Friday March 9th if necessary.


Parents please be on time and pick up your child 

at the FRONT of the building.

Practice will be at TMS (gym) for the first couple of weeks. Any warm day however, we will try to practice at THS track. We will let the students know the day before. Please dress accordingly!!!

If practice is at the High School, parents should be ON TIME and may pick up the student from the Elementary School parking lot.

Students will need some type of bag to carry warm-up suits, drinks, personals, etc. Electronics are not allowed during practice, but can be taken to track meets (at their own risk). Water bottles are highly encouraged!


A parents meeting will be on March 12th in the cafeteria at TMS. If you do not attend there is some paperwork that must be signed before the first track meet. You may arrange to see me or your child may ask one of the coaches for this paperwork.


For Track Meets : Uniforms will be black shorts (students are allowed to wear gray or white compression shorts - to the knees - underneath) with an ISSUED track tank top (an undershirt is also recommended in green or white). A warm-up suit is also a necessity for unpredictable spring weather ... BE PREPARED!

Snacks, drinks, blankets, etc. should also be considered.

We will stop on the way home from the meets, make arrangements for you child to have spending money.

All meets will start at 4:30pm. There schedule is available online at 

Go to the "Athletics" section and select "Sports Schedules" and then select "Tazewell" sports and follow the prompts.


or go to the "forms" link at the top of the page to view

(it will available as soon as it is posted).


See the "NEWS" section at the top of the page for any updates or special announcements.